Demonstration area

Agnelån demonstration area
Agnelån flows from Hemsjön to Sännån through a number of lakes and large pools about a mile east of the village of Bräcke. Sännån and Agnelån are tributaries of Gimån and are part of Giimån’s Natura 2000 area. The start of the demonstration area is located right by the road between Bräcke and Albacken, about 2 km west of the village of Gråssjön, coordinates in SWEREF99: N 6959458, E536537.

The demonstration area aims to describe the impact of timber floating on rivers and how we work with restoration in the rivers. Along the path you can see remnants from timber floting constructions such as timber chutes and cleared rapids. Agnelån has been restored with an excavator and the result of this is best viewed from the bridge over the river or from the shelter. Along the path there are also information signs that we hope will create interest in the care of our rivers.

At the area you can find a shelter and a barbecue are. Please bring you own firewood and remember to put out the fire before you leave. Pay attention to any fire bans. 


Information signs:
Welcome to Agnelån

Floating of timber

Freshwater pearl mussel

Species in the Project

Natural watercourses

Cleared rapids

Restoration of watercourses

Timber chutes

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Karta som visar var demonstrationsytan ligger i förhållande till Bräcke.